Couple That Was Married For Seven Decades Passes Away Hours Apart


Even though we believe that magical love stories only take place in movies, there are many real-life stories that are even better than the fiction ones.
Preble Staver and Isabell Whitney had boundless love for each other, and they lost their lives within hours of each other after more than 70 years together.
The couple first met on a blind date in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where they both studied in the early 1940s.
However, both of the youngsters joined the Allies as WWII was storming in Europe. Preble became a Marine and was awarded a bronze star for his bravery, while Isabell worked as a Navy nurse in Maryland.

The two lovers finally got married on February 15, 1946, five months after the end of the war, and it marked the starting point of a wonderful marriage that lasted for seven decades.
They had five children together, and the two supported each other through thick and thin. They were there for each other when their son Peter tragically lost his life while playing football in his senior high school year, and Isabell went back to nursing as soon as the children were grown up.

Their daughter Laurie Staver Clinton, now aged 62, described her parents to People magazine. She said that they were both great people. Her mom taught her that even though you can’t change another person, you can change your own attitude towards them. Even though her dad was a bit strict, her mom knew her way around him.

The couple moved into a care facility in Norfolk, Virginia, after Isabell was diagnosed with dementia in 2013, and watching his wife go through it took a toll on Preble. Sadly, he and his wife were placed in different rooms, but she still remembered him.

As Preble’s 96th birthday was getting close, he made a very touching plea. He requested to have one last nap with his wife.
The workers agreed, and they made the arrangements for the couple to lie side by side for a few hours.

Laure explained that the two didn’t share a single word. They just held each other’s hands and fell asleep. She told her dad that this was mom’s birthday present for him, and he was so happy.

Not even a week later, Laurie was told that it was time to say goodbye to her mother. She and her dad went in and said their final goodbyes, and later that day Isabell passed away. However, what surprised many was that Preble followed her in just a matter of hours. Astonishingly enough, the couple, who were born only 14 days apart, lost their lives only 14 hours apart.

Their daughter decided to share her parents’ secret for a long and loving marriage. She said that they lived out that if you make a commitment, even though life gets rough or life gets in the way, you work through life and you live your life together.