CoverGirl Announces Its First Male CoverGirl Spokesmodel


CoverGirl made history with the appointment of 17-year-old James Charles as its newest spokesmodel—or, shall we say, CoverBoy—to work with brand ambassador Katy Perry.

Charles, who’s still a senior in high school, is a makeup artist with nearly 430k followers. He’s the first male ambassador for the cosmetics giant in its nearly 60 years as a brand. He will appear in print, television and digital ads both with Perry and by himself.

Both Charles and Perry announced the news of the new CoverBoy via Instagram, as did the CoverGirl account. In one of the videos posted to the CoverGirl account, Charles breaks the news by telling everyone being a part of the storied brand is “living out one of my biggest dreams.”

More info: Instagram | YouTube

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