Creep Asks Woman To Send Photos In Bathing Suit, Her Brother Steps In With The Perfect Clap Back


Although the internet helped us in many things and we can’t possibly imagine our life without it, it also created a space for perverts to come out on the surface. Thankfully, there are still ways to shut them down, and women have gotten really creative when it comes to shutting down inappropriate offers and pervy creeps.

Tess Wright is a woman that decided to share a Facebook post in an attempt to sell a bathing suit. One guy commented and asked to see a photo of the bathing suit being worn before buying. Tess wanted to ignore the comment at first, but her brother gave her a much better idea.

Kade, her brother, put on the bathing suit, posed in a few ways, and let Tess post the photos as a response to the nasty commenter. The photos have since gone viral, and everyone on the internet applauded Tess and Kade for their creativity and for shutting this creep down.

Many people believed that this was the perfect way to shut this creep down. Others praised Kade for standing up for his sister, and the post received more than 26k likes and 25k shares.

This is how fellow social media users reacted to it: