Creepy Request From Guy After Just One Date Is The Reddest Flag Ever


The dating game in the 21st century is very hard, and you should be more concerned about the red flags than ever before.
However, you can’t always know a person before you meet them, and with so many dating apps available, it all feels like a giant landmine. To add to that, there’s always the fear that you might have a good first date, but you might get ghosted, and this is exactly what Twitter user @EricD14 was thinking after he’d gone on a successful first date.

However, instead of getting ghosted, his date did exactly the opposite.

For everyone that doesn’t know what the “read receipts” function means, it’s basically a way to let you know if the person you sent a message to has read the message yet, and there’s a timestamp of when they read it.

Yeah, it can be useful sometimes, but after a first date? It’s a bit much, don’t you think.

This is what Twitter had to say about it: