Critics Accuse Emma Watson For ‘Performative Activism’, So She Responds With A Powerful Statement


Emma Watson is famous for her activism, and we all love her for that. She’s participated in dozens of campaigns so far, and the most recent initiative she campaigned for was for the “Black Out Tuesday”. Black squares were popping out on Instagram yesterday, and the campaign was initiated by two musicians, Jamila Thomas and Brianna Agyemang. It was supposed to be a day dedicated to ‘disconnecting from work and reconnecting with the community’, but many people questioned how effective the gesture was, and Watson got caught in the debate as well.

As you probably know already, the Harry Potter star has been very vocal when it comes to women’s rights and human rights in general. However, some people called her out for “performative activism” after she decided to participate in the Black Out Tuesday initiative:

As it turns out, the actress posted three photos of black squares on her feed and captioned them with the hashtags: #blackouttuesday #theshowmustbepaused #amplifymelanatedvoices #amplifyblackvoices.

Before she posted the black squares, she posted three white squares, and some people accused her of editing the images just to make her Instagram feed look aesthetic, questioning if she cared about the initiative at all.

Some people called her out on Twitter for ‘calling herself an activist while staying silent for five days’. Silence is not an option – they wrote, which prompted her to post an explanation on her Instagram feed.