Curvy Art Teacher Accused of Wearing ‘Distracting’ Outfits In Class


An art teacher from Montana, US, has recently shared that she has been targeted by trolls for showing her curves in front of her students. Moreover, many people have accused her of being ‘desperate for attention’ and for ‘distracting’ the class, while others have come to her aid by saying that she has done nothing wrong.

The teacher shares photos of her classroom and of her artworks to her Instagram social media account, and she can be seen wearing figure-hugging tops and bottoms that highlight her small waist and curves.

However, after her photos went online, some parents have slammed her and accused her of wearing ‘inappropriate’ clothes and taking photos in classroom ‘with the intention to get more likes’. One commenter said that they understand why some parents wants to get her fired, and the photos make her look like she is begging for attention.


Others noted that she should start wearing more acceptable clothes that don’t highlight her figure.

The teacher has since responded to the trolls by saying that she has seen that some men said some unpleasant stuff about her, but she teaches babies, and there are no haters in the classroom thinking of that.

“I’m a good teacher and I love creating and teaching art. I have people defending my honour without me having to say because I work at my job. It is mind-boggling that people are criticising my physical appearance. Some of the mothers at my school are really my biggest supporters, they write to thank me for teaching at the school.” – she wrote.