Dad Learns Daughter Mocked A Classmate So He Took Her On A Shopping Trip


Numerous studies show that a shocking 1 in 4 U.S. students say that they have been mocked or made fun of by fellow students at school according to, and most parents have learned that they can’t ignore their child’s behavior when it comes to this.

Randy Smalls is a father of three from South Carolina, and he was informed that his daughter Re’onna was participating in mocking her classmate Ryan. He told Yahoo Lifestyle that when you laugh along, you’re co-signing that behavior.

Smalls precisely knew what the 7th grader being teased was going through, because he had been there as well, and he decided to reach out to Ryan’s mom and offer to take her daughter shopping. He wanted to help Ryan so she wouldn’t have this issue anymore.

Smalls’ daughter was upset, especially because the money that was spent on Ryan’s shopping spree was supposed to be for her. However, many people across the internet loved kindness, and this was a part of her lesson.

Smalls’ daughter eventually came with them and helped pick out Ryan’s new clothes. The girl got new pants, shoes, and shirts, they got her hair done and they’ll be paying for twice-a-month appointments at the hair dresser for a year.

Ryan’s mom Richuana has since told Yahoo Lifestyle that her daughter had been struggling with the loss of her father and other family members, so she was under so much stress that she started having seizures.

The mom was incredibly grateful to Smalls for his gesture, and she said that this is the first time she’s seen a parent take such a stance on this unacceptable behavior.

Smalls told ABC’s Strahan, Sara, and Keke while appearing on the show after the story gained a lot of popularity that as parents, we have to take responsibility of what our children do, and when situations like this happen, we have to take actions and be the parent – not the friend.

Ro’Onna has since learned her lesson and things are all good between the two girls now.

Source: Upworthy