Dad of 5-Year-Old Quintuplets Criticized For Using Leashes On His Children


Jordan Driskell is a father of five children who regularly posts videos of his lifestyle with his quintuplets and his wife Briana. However, his parenting choices recently came under scrutiny after he shared a video of himself walking his children on leashes.

Driskell took it to TikTok, where he’s famous under the username @drixxleman, to share the story of how his wife became pregnant with IVF, and what it was like having and raising five children at the same time. Having quints in the house, all of the same age – can you imagine that? The couple also regularly shared the adventures they go to, and many viewers are fascinated by the wholesome content. Expectedly, people have countless questions about the unique experience – and one of the most common ones is: How do you handle it when walking in public? So, Driskell shared that he uses children’s leashes for his kids – but the Internet had a lot to say about it.


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Some people praised the parents and gave them credit for doing what they need to do to keep their family safe.

Others, however, criticized the parents for putting their children on leashes, and referred to their quints as ‘dogs’ or ‘rescues’.

The parents were having none of it, and Driskell trolled the skeptics with videos of him and Briana ‘training’ their kids like they’re dogs. Clearly, this was a satirical response, and judging by the videos they post on social media, we believe that the family enjoys their time together.

@drixxleman Replying to @falcone_family00 Don’t mind me, just crate training my “DOGS” 🤣 in @walmart ..#DadSquad #DriskellQuints #Parenting #parents #momsoftiktok #dadsoftiktok #mom #dad #kids #fatherhood #dadlife ♬ original sound – TAILS

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