Dad Superglued Himself To Daughter’s School Gates After She Was Sent Home For Ear Piercing


Geoff Smith is a 49-year-old father of the 14-year-old Bobbiemay who was sent home from school after getting a piercing, which the dad claims stops her from getting migraines.

After the dad saw his teenage daughter sent home from school for wearing an earring, he launched himself into a pretty unusual protest he glued his hands to the front gates of the school.

He used a glue known as Polyfilla, and stuck his hands onto two metal bars outside the school and streamed the stunt live on Facebook for around an hour.

The police were called, and Geoff was ordered to unglue himself free. He eventually managed to loosen his hands.

He said during the live stream that he superglued himself to the gate, because his daughter has got a legal right to an education. Even though the superglue was burning his hands at the minute, he said that he would put himself through anything so his daughter can live life without pain.

A worker from the school in Leeds, U.K. wandered over to Geoff and asked him what he’s doing, and it was at this point when the father told him to call the fire brigade.
Shortly after, the fire service personnel and police arrived on the scene.


Geoff was not arrested, and instead, he went into the school to have a meeting with staff.

The dad claims that his daughter got the piercing in order to relieve pain, and not as a fashion statement.

Geoff siad that they tried everything to stop Bobbiemay’s migraines, as she can be in agonizing pain for a week at a time with them. However, she hasn’t had one since getting the piercing five weeks ago. He noted that the piercing is working, and it’s not coming out.

He also added that Bobbiemay has had no other issues with the school until now, and she was actually doing really well at the school.
A spokesperson for the school stated yesterday that Bobbiemay Smith has not been excluded from the academy, and she’s welcome back at any time, as long as the earring is removed.
The statement read that students and parents are aware of their clear uniform policy, and medical evidence or a doctor’s note has not been provided to suggest exceptional circumstances in this case.