Dad Who Wanted Son To Be A Footballer Or Boxer Learns To Accept His Dream To Be A Drag Queen


Darren Butler is a dad from Gwent, South Wales, that dreamed of playing football with his son Fabian and teach him how to box. However, when Fabian turned eight, he told his family that he wasn’t interested in sports and he wanted to dress up in his mom’s clothes.

Although the dad tried everything in his power at the time to talk his son out of his ‘phase’ because he felt uncomfortable about what his friends would say about it, he learned to embrace it over time, and he’s now the most supportive dad ever!

Darren now takes the 11-year-old Fabian to gigs, and Fabian is one of the youngest drag queens in the world.

The dad, who works as a machine operator, said that he was the opposite when he was younger, and he had some expectations for his son. He was in denial w hen Fabian started dressing up, and he just thought it’s a ‘phase’. However, he soon realized that it wasn’t a phase, and he was hurt.


His wife persuaded him to go to his son’s first performance, and although he didn’t want to go at first, it all changed when he saw how happy the boy was on stage. It brought a tear to his eye, and he realized that Fabian can’t live his life through his eyes.

He realized that the pre-teenager has to live his dream, and not his dad’s dream, and now he’s the proudest dad in the world.

The parents now find it normal, and they started buying Fabian makeup and clothes.

The 11-year-old added that no matter what age you are, you should do what you love and live your best life – and we completely agree with him.