Dads Hit Back After Piers Morgan Shames Men For Using Baby Carriers


Yesterday, he tweeted a picture of James Bond actor Daniel Craig carrying his own daughter in a baby carrier or papoose, complete with the caption:

We have no idea why Morgan, a father of four, would feel threatened by this image, but he clearly believes that carrying a child is a not something a man should be doing – especially James Bond (who he seems to believe is a real person).

Morgan’s tweet soon started to gain a lot of attention and the majority of people profoundly disagreed with what he said, as Craig was doing what any decent father would do; look after his child.

Even though his tweet reminded the world of how much Morgan sucks, it did do one thing right: motivate dads to share really adorable pictures of them carrying their kiddos. And in a world where we talk down to dads a lot but also desperately need them to parent more, it’s always a good thing to see positive examples of fatherhood.