Dad’s Post About “Protecting” His Daughter By Taking Her To The Women’s Bathroom Gets A Lot Of Attention


Although some states have improved the situation regarding the issue with child changing stations in men’s restrooms, most states haven’t done anything about it.

Father Charles Mau put the spotlight on the issue back in 2018 when his post about the bad conditions he had to change his daughter got a lot of attention.

Muhammed Nitoto is the dad behind the profile Chronicles of Daddy who recently decided to share his solution to the problem. He believes that the only reasonable thing is to take his daughter into the women’s restroom instead of the men’s. He shared his thoughts on Instagram.

In the post, Nitoto explained that he does it to keep his daughter safe from all things that aren’t for her, “and the men’s bathroom is 100% one of those things”. Check out the post for yourself below.

Fellow dads related to Nitoto’s post and one mom noted that she takes her sons aged 7 and 6 to the ladies with her because she doesn’t feel that it’s safe for them to be alone in men’s bathrooms.

She believes family bathrooms are a necessity, and decent changing facilities must not be overlooked.