Dad’s Response To Daughter’s Coming Out Is The Most Heartwarming Thing You’ll See Today


1.3 million American kids, or about 8 percent of all high school students, have reported being a part of the LGBT community.
Although the numbers are visible to the public for the first time, coming out to your family or friends is not easy, especially when you’re at an adolescent age. Teenagers are most vulnerable at this stage of their lives, and parents play a big part in their child’s life.
Luckily, there are parents that are more than happy to accept their children, as long as ‘they don’t date a jerk’. This is exactly what one anonymous father told his daughter when he found out that she’s lesbian after she joined GSA.

He asked her if she joined the Girl Scouts of America, only to find out that the abbreviation refers to the ‘Gender-Sexuality Alliance’ organization. The conversation soon turned into a heartwarming one, and this dad proved his awesomeness in a minute. Check out the full chat between this loving dad and his daughter below, and we believe it will warm your heart – at least for a day.


The dad noted, though, that he knew very well what GSA stands for, and he only did it to show support to his daughter.
We must admit that this dad’s parenting skills are top-notch, and this is what people thought about it in the comments.