Dads Threatening Their Daughters’ Dates With Firearms Isn’t Funny At All


Brian Kemp, a Republican gubernatorial candidate has faced backlash after a political ad showed him warning a daughter’s prospective date with a weapon.

The ad was aired on a TV station, and it has since received numerous complaints from commentators.
Many people have deemed it despicable, illegal, and incredibly stupid. Oh, it’s also not a fun meme, and DEFINITELY not cute!

The conservative dad’s ad is a worn out cliche, as country singer Rodney Atkins had a similar song that topped charts in 2008.

Boys don’t need to feel afraid of these men who try to scare them for trying to sleep with a woman.
As long as they’re being respectful, that’s absurd.

Kemp is also putting an image that a “daddy’s girl” can no longer be controlled once she steps foot out the door.

The act of intimidating or threatening a person or their family is called “criminal menacing” in states across the U.S., and it carries a range of fines and even jail time, depending on the severity. And that completely makes sense, because telling someone that you might take their life in order to gain their compliance is criminal behavior, and certainly not a joke!