Dalai Lama Says ‘Europe Is For Europeans’ And Warns About Becoming ‘Muslim or African’ Country If Migrants Stay


The Buddhist spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, who has been living as a refugee in India since fleeing Tibet back in 1959 has warned that Europe could become “Muslim or African” if refugees who have been taken in are not then sent back to their home countries.

He said that only a “limited number” of migrants should be allowed to remain during an interview with the BBC, and he added that refugees who have fled to Europe should be given skills before being returned.

The 83-year-old also noted that Europe was under an obligation to take in those who needed help, but they ultimately should be returned to their homelands. He thinks that European countries should take these refugees and give them education and training and then return them to their own land with certain skills.

When asked what should happen to the migrants that want to stay in their adopted countries, he said that a limited number is OK, but the whole of Europe will eventually become a Muslim country, which is impossible, or an African country, also impossible.
The interviewer asked the Dalai Lama about his own refugee status, and he repeated his previous claims that “Europe is for Europeans”.

He noted once again that he thinks the refugees are better in their own lands, and it’s better to keep Europe for Europeans.
The monk had previously made such comments in a speech in Malmo, Sweden, when he said that refugees should return to help rebuild their own countries.

The Dalai Lama said that Europe should receive the migrants, help them, educate them, but ultimately they should develop their own country, because Europe belongs to the Europeans.

During a speech in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, he said that it’s wonderful that Germany and other European countries have given the migrants help, however, he believes most of those refugees think of their own lands as home, they just don’t like all the bad things that have happened there.

So, European countries should provide them with shelter for a short time, and they should eventually be able to return to rebuild their own countries.

Statistics show that 2.4 million of migrants entered the European Union in 2017 only, and it’s thought that there are around 70 million refugees.

When asked about President Donald Trump, the monk replied that his time in the White House ‘lacked moral principle’ and that his America-first policy was ‘wrong’.

The Dalai Lama jokingly said in 2015 that if he was succeeded by a female Dalai Lama, she would have to be attractive, despite declaring himself to be a feminist.

He called for more women to be given leadership roles instead of men who are “celebrated for taking down their opponents” on International Women’s Day this year.