Danish Comedian Posts Bathtime Photo With Daughter, World Goes Mad!


The father thinks that having a bath with your child is ‘hygge’; a Danish concept meaning cosy and fun




A Danish comedian posted a picture of him having a bath with his two-year-old daughter, condemning comments labelling parents as paedophiles for innocent things such as sharing a bath or shower.

In a video he has since uploaded to Facebook, Chris talks about how surprised he was by the way the post had been reported.

“So I took this picture of me and my daughter nude in the bathroom and that just went way viral and apparently it’s about time we had that debate because if a picture of me being totally natural in a natural setting can go viral and be on newspapers all over the world… we were on the wrong track,” he said.

“The wide majority of people were on my side, there were of course was a little number of people who were really upset about the whole thing but who gives a s**t about them?

“Those little number of people, they’ve somehow gotten their will, they’ve gotten their way and so the rest of us who know its OK to be naked with your child think “oh maybe this is wrong”.

Mikail Gümüs commented “The only person who isn’t thinking straight is you and your types!!!! You’re sitting there with your legs spread out in front of a two-year old girl. Doesn’t it feel wrong??

“Was there not a single time where it felt wrong for the child?? Who on earth says your daughter wants to see you like this?? Poor child!!!”

In reply to the paedophile claims, Mr Chris said: “Children and adults enjoy being naked together.

“There is nothing wrong with a father who washes daughter’s bottom or vagina when she’s a child.

“On the contrary, it is bloody disgusting if nobody does it, and unfair if only the mother does it.”


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