Dating Expert Says Men Should Always Pay For The First Date Except For One Circumstance


Jana Hocking is a podcast host and a relationship advisor that recently revealed how she thinks a woman should sometimes pay for the first date, but only under a certain set of circumstances. In any other way, she believes the pair should go halves.
She reckoned that men should try to show that they’re ‘assertive and manly’ by picking up the bill on the first date, and she admitted that she often gets into trouble when she says that men should pay for the first date.

She said that she usually offers to go halves on the date, but she doesn’t always mean it. She also admitted that guys often accept that they pay halves, and she’s like ‘ah, dammnit’.

“I have rectified that, I do think now if the girl has asked the guy out, they should go halves. I still don’t think the girl should pay for all of it.”

She even shared the story about she ended up paying ‘$100 out of pocket’ because she offered to split the tab at ‘a really expensive restaurant’ with her date, and she wasn’t too happy about it.


“If you’re asking a girl out and then going Dutch, it just shows you’re cheap, you weren’t raised right, you’re not chivalrous, or you’re dating outside your price range – and by that, I mean you’re taking a girl out on a date you can’t afford to be on.
So instead of trying to flex on a nice dinner, you’re better off taking her on a picnic in the park.
And even the most progressive girls who insist they split it with you and say they don’t mind… do mind.” – she noted.

Well, girls, what do you think? Who should pay on the first date? Feel free to discuss it in the comments!

Source: LADBible