Defiant Lesbians Kiss In Front Of Christian Preacher As He Orders Them To “Repent For Their Sins”


Incredible footage of two lesbians kissing each other in front of a Christian preacher during the Gay Pride Parade in Auckland, New Zealand has emerged.
The Christian preacher can be heard ordering them to “repent their sins”, and the two women in rainbow clothing can be seen slowly surrounding the Torch as the preacher shouted his religious beliefs. He told them that they’re “controlled by the devil”, and the footage was shared by the church’s YouTube, claiming that people did “very vile and lewd acts” while they filmed.

The caption of the vide read that the church preached the gospel of Jesus Christ and repentance, and they “did their best to approach people with the fruit of the Spirit while also standing firm on God’s truth”.

Check out the video for yourself: