She Was Diagnosed With Schizophrenia At The Age Of 17, So She Turns Hallucinations Into Art


Hi I’m Kate, I’m 18 and schizophrenic; I draw a lot of my hallucinations.


Kate told ATTN: that her schizophrenia/psychosis symptoms began to manifest in junior high as a result of other health issues. She described how her mental health struggles have presented many personal obstacles in her life. Embracing art, however, has been great for her.

“I never told anyone I hallucinated until about age 15. At the start of freshman year, I met my art teacher. He helped me realize that I can gain inspiration from something that has negatively impacted my life. I started off drawing simple things and I practiced a lot of different techniques. When I gained enough confidence, I started drawing the things I would see. I slowly (this has taken me a few years, I really mean slow) gained some control over what I can do for myself. Art became my friend again, rather than my enemy.”

“I hallucinate bugs quite often, and my depression makes me feel worthless like a fly. These bug illustrations represent my illness”

“I have a lot of intense emotions, and hear voices telling me to light things on fire”

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