Doctor Shares Potential Lifesaving Coronavirus Breathing Exercise You Can Do At Home


Dr. Sarfaraz Munshi is an urgent care lead at Queen’s Hospital, located in London, and he recently shared some breathing exercises in order to help people struggling with COVID-19, as well as a prevention method in case you catch the virus.

He said in the popular video that once one has an active infection, they need to be getting a good amount of air into the base of their lungs. So, in order to get as much air as possible in the lungs, he suggests people infected with COVID-19 to start doing this breathing exercise, right from the beginning. He also adds that it’s a good idea to do this exercise even before you have an infection.

The technique includes three steps, and it’s pretty simple:

1. First, you should take five deep breaths in, and hold the breath for five seconds each time.

2. Second, you should take in a deep breath in the sixth time, and do a big cough, after covering your moth, of course.

3. You should to two cycles of the first two steps and lay flat on your stomach, ideally on a bed. He also suggests that you should take slightly deeper “normal” breaths for the next 10 minutes.

Dr. Munshi says that we’ve got to understand that the majority of our lung is on our back, and not on our front, and by laying on our back, we’re closing off more of the smaller airways. This is not good, especially during the period of infection.

Check out the video for yourself below, and feel free to try this breathing exercise for yourself.