Doctors Gave This Woman 2 Percent Chance To Live. She Got The America’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer


Each one of us will face a number of challenges in our lives. Life’s not all rainbows and butterflies after all, but some face harder challenges than others. Take the 30-year-old singer Jane Marczweski for example. The singer, who goes by the stage name Nightbirde, faced extremely hard challenges early on in her life, in the form of her third round of cancer.

Scans had showed cancer in her lungs, spine, and liver before she auditioned at America’s Got Talent, and the prognosis from doctors said that she had about six months to live and about two percent chance of making it through.

However, she took that small chance as a girt! Once you hear her sing, you’ll realize she forgets about every struggle in her life when she’s on the stage.

Her story will inspire even the most cynical of us, even though she doesn’t even mention the part of the story where her husband left her in the middle of her cancer journey.
She often writes about these struggles in her blog, and describes the hours she spent curled up on the bathroom floor and the conversations she had with God that have strengthened her faith.

Her positive outlook on life is what inspired millions of people, and you can hear more about her journey below.

Source: Upworthy