Everyone Needs to Read This Viral Twitter Thread on “Thin Privilege”


What is thin privilege and who gets to have it? Cora Harrington, founder of the inclusive lingerie blog, The Lingerie Addict, took to Twitter to share her thoughts. In a now-viral thread, Harrington defines the societal advantages of being a certain weight: as a “thin” woman, she can buy clothing with ease, eat a cookie without judgement and sit on a bus without fear of eye-rolls from her seat mate. This, in Harrington’s view, gives her a head start in life. Here’s the thread:

The definition of “thin” is, of course, socially constructed. Harrington’s thread sparked a thoughtful and intelligent conversation, but it isn’t free of criticism. (This is Twitter, after all.) “Peoples lives are not easy because they are thin,” user Kristal Garcia wrote in a reply, reflecting the opinions shared in many of the other responses to the thread, “Body positivity MUST be inclusive of thin women and men. There is intense shaming placed on thin people. Should there be more clothing options for heavy people? Absolutely. However that does not mean it’s easier in life to be thin.”