Ex-Republican Judge Reveals Why She’s Leaving The GOP In Scathing Facebook post


Elsa Alcala served the U.S. government for 29 years until retiring last year, and she was appointed to Texas’ highest criminal court in 2011 by Governor Rick Perry, which makes her the first female Hispanic judge to hold the position.

She served as a loyal Republican judge for two decades, but she has now decided to leave her party, citing President Trump’s racism.

She has revealed her decision in a powerful Facebook post, and she also revealed that she will be voting for a Democrat in 2020.

She writes that it has taken her years to say this publicly, but President Trump is the worst president in the history of the country.

She added that even accepting that Trump has had some successes, at his core, are based on racism.
Nothing positive about him could absolve him of his rotten core, according to her.


She even wrote about the moral high ground taken by some Republicans who believe that Trump’s bigotry is acceptable because he’s a self-called “pro-lifer”.

She also called out for commenters not to diminish her opinion as a Latina and tell her to go back where she came from because her relatives have been in the Texas area before it was the USA and she was born in the USA.

She also notes that she would take any Democratic candidate before Trump in 2020, and you can check out her full post below: