Exhibition Put Up Clothes From Women To Prove They Were NOT “Asking For It”


We’ve all heard the notion that women are to blame because they “provoked”  men  with what they were wearing or they were “overly friendly”.
Women are often asked what they were wearing at the time of the mishap, which is essentially accusing them of being at fault.

No, women are never, ever at fault no matter what they were wearing!

However, in order to dismiss such “misunderstandings” that women have “asked for it”, but Centre Communautaire Maritime in Brussels, Belgium, decided to put up an exhibition that features clothing items women wore when they were assaulted. The point of the exhibition is to prove that one’s choice of attire is absolutely NOT responsible for the evil thing a man has done.


The exhibition featured items such as pajamas, tracksuits, and even a child’s My Little Pony shirt. The center hopes to prove that a person’s outfit can never be seen as a mitigating circumstance or a provocation.

The clothes have been obtained on loan by support group CAW East Brabant.

Lieshbeth Kennes, a counseling employee of CAW said that what one immediately notices when they walk around the exhibition is that they are all very normal pieces of clothing that everyone would wear.