Facebook, Messenger and Instagram Released Features for LGBTQ Pride Month


It’s the first day of Pride Month, and Instagram is one of many brands that will be celebrating the LGBTQ+ community in a colorful way. If you don’t see it as an option on your Facebook app, give it some time, it looks like they are rolling it out geographically.

For the entire month of June, Instagram will be covered in rainbows in honor of the LGBTQ+ community: According to a press release, Instagram Stories will now include a new rainbow background in Type mode, as well as rainbow mention, hashtag, and location stickers. Meanwhile, in Live mode, users can tap the heart to show a different color of the Pride rainbow, as well as hold it down to send a shower of rainbow hearts to both the person streaming and everyone else who’s watching. GLAAD-approved hashtags will also show up in rainbow.

But it’s more than just a Pride-colored show of support. The platform is also celebrating Pride by honoring youth activists, and the theme is all about role models. According to a press release, Instagram surprised five “young leaders” in the LGBTQ+ community with their role models, took their portraits, and filmed the conversations between them. In a series of videos, Alok Vaid Menon and Sasha Velour, Blair Imani and Bethany C. Myers, Adam Eli and Hanne Gaby Odiele, Corey Maison and Ryan Stalvey, and Pidgeon Pagonis and Johanna Toruño paired up to talk about their lives, work, and the ways in which they “inspire people to be open and connect with others.”

Instagram is also encouraging users to add the #Pride2018 hashtag to their posts, and to mention their LGBT role model using the hashtag #RoleModel.

“This Pride, we also encourage you to discover, recognize and connect with your own role models — and we’re rolling out a Pride rainbow version of our signature gradient in parts of Instagram to help you do it,” the social network said.