Family Wears Red Lipstick To Support 9-Year-Old Male Cousin Who Loves Makeup


Diksha Bijlani, a 22-year-old woman from India, would do anything to support her 9-year-old cousin whom she fondly refers to as “Little Cuz” — and that includes getting her other relatives to wear lipstick. Diksha explained that her male cousin had recently been bullied by some of his immediate family members for taking an interest in makeup, so she decided to do something about it.

“[My aunt] had this mini lipstick that she was discarding but Little Cuz saw it and asked for it, so she gifted it to him!” she told POPSUGAR. “He quickly applied it, but then someone in the room said, ‘Are you trying to be a chakka (transgender)?’ He didn’t even understand what that meant. But the same person started teasing him and then he hid under the bed and wiped off his lips because he’s afraid that we are all mad at him for wearing it.”

Bijlani told CNN that when Little Cuz saw her brother Geet Bijlani wearing red lipstick he began to feel more confident. “He peeped out and saw my brother wearing it and smiled,” Bijlani said. “He saw me clicking [sic] my brother with it and the cousins around us clapping. So, he slowly slid out from under the bed and posed for us, too. His comfort meter went up slowly with time.”