Fashion Blogger Mocked Mexican Workers on Instagram and Everyone Was Disgusted


Twitter user @ialfreddyate tweeted screen grabs from an Instagram story of a notorious “rich kid” that should have us all thinking about the current state of digital culture.

The screengrabs, which have received almost 47,000 likes on Twitter, are outrageously offensive. They depict several Mexican workers putting up “neon lights” in “rich kid” Taylor Goldblatt’s room.

Goldblatt, who regularly posts photos of himself flying in private jets, brandishing large sums of money and bragging about his $30,000 Gucci collection, wrote disparagingly about the workers.

He said:

The workers installing my neon signs. I only had to pay em a buck under minimum! A penny saves a dollar stupid big peasant.

He then went on to say he “couldn’t tell the difference” between the men because they “look the same”. Continuing:

I could buy their entire existence 80 times over I’m just glad to have cheap labour.

Pick up the pace or I’ll tell mr Trump and have y’all deported.

Goldblatt’s YouTube bio reads:

Hello there, my name is Taylor. I’m a rich kid, spendthrift and money is my middle name.

I spend the majority of my time living a lux life of opulence in Beverly Hills, CA. I am a blogger and social media creative, with an avid love for menswear and all things fine luxury.