Female Trump-Supporting Band Released A Song About How “Real Women Vote For Trump”


The Deplorables Choir is a trio of women wearing MAGA hats that ask people on YouTube to send them money so they can “rock” the entertainment industry.
They just released their latest song, and it’s titled, believe it or not, “Real Women Vote For Trump”.
Expectedly, it’s full of intelligent lyrical phrases and oh-so sweeping melodies. Not.

I mean, it’s really as good as one might expect.
Oh, it also features a list of things the Deplorables don’t care if you are, including:

Real women dislike things like making decisions about their own bodies, or equal pay, so that’s why they should vote for Trump.

People on social media felt like the Deplorables Choir needed a little rebranding, so they made up a new name for the trio:

Even though we know you don’t want to, you can check out the song for yourself below: