Film Director Claims “Rape Should Be Legalized” And Women Should Carry Condoms


Daniel Shravan is a twisted filmmaker who said that “rape without violence” should be legalized, and he also called for women to “cooperate during assaults”. Yes, you read that right. The vile Indian filmmaker also condemned the Indian government for “frightening people who rape women” in a bizarre Instagram outburst last night.

The Indian movie director was speaking after a woman named Priyanka Reddy, 27, was raped and found lifeless in Hyderabad, India, last week. He ranted that the government should legalize rape without violence, and that girls above the age of 18 should be educated on that and not to deny the sexual desires of men. He even noted that Indian girls should be aware of education about intimate life and carry condoms.

The filmmaker deleted the post after it triggered a huge campaign to boycott all of his films, and many users said that the man is sick, disgusting, and disturbing. Fellow people from India wrote that they’re tired of the misogyny and victim-blaming in the country.