Fitness Trainer Calls Moms Who Are Not Thin Like Her ‘Lazy’


Maria Kang is a mother-of-three who was so confident before she had her youngest son that decided to take a photo of herself in her workout gear in an attempt to motivate other moms.
The photo pictures herself and her three sons, with the caption: “What’s your excuse?”

The original photo was taken in 2012 and went absolutely viral, but now, years later, it seems like Kang didn’t understand the issue back then.

It’s not that moms are lazy, but most working moms don’t have the luxury of devoting hours of their time to work on their body and toned physique.

In fact, statistics show that many mothers do work on their bodies, but they are not obsessed with the ‘fitness model’ look.

Well, now, many years later, it seems like Kang got the notion. According to recent posts, she gained weight, battled with depression, and had struggles in her marriage. So, all those ‘excuses’ became her ‘excuses’. We’re sad to see that she learned it the hard way, but the reality is that life isn’t perfect. Not for me, not for you, not for anyone. So you shouldn’t expect to look ‘perfect’, especially if you’re a mom.

Maria Kang told PEOPLE that it was important for her because she always tells women to celebrate their bodies.

“Regardless, if we have some cellulite, extra weight, extra skin or extra scars – be proud, because we are constantly progressing, transforming and aging! This is our temple, so take care of it!” – she added.

Source: littlethings