Four Single Moms Bought a Home And Started Living Together With Their Kids


If we’ve learned one thing in the past few years, is that we shouldn’t limit out choices in life by anything – especially by worrying what others might think or how we’ve been raised. Life is short and fragile, and you should always do what you desire – and I really mean it – always!

As cheeky as it sounds, there’s nothing stopping you from doing what you want – and these four women prove it! Namely, four women in Washington, D.C., reimagined their concepts of family and created their own urban commune, where they can pursue their happiness in a way that most of us haven’t even considered.

Holly Harper and Herrin Hopper are two friends that always joked how they would live together in Vermont. Although it was a joke at first, after they got divorced, they started taking the joke seriously.

So, Holly and Herrin found a house, and the two friends, alongside two other single women, Jen and Leandra, purchased a four-unit home. The arrangement allows them to save money and has countless advantages for all four families.

They all moved into the house with their kids, and now the arrangement is a kid’s paradise. They have a giant trampoline, a parkour line, a gym, a garden, a big-screen TV, and even a craft studio. The kids are aged 9 to 14, and they all relate to each other like cousins. Besides, the new living arrangement gives them a new perspective on life.


The kids have dubbed the home ‘The Siren House’, and it’s a lot like a permanent summer camp. Imagine having a bunch of playmates in your house while growing up. Epic, right?

The moms share all the expenses, including expenses around the house, cars, food, babysitting duties, dog-walking, and even hugs with each other.
According to Harper, their new living arrangement saves them around $30,000 a year per family.

Although she admits that the home isn’t a utopia, it gives the four families an amazing chance to find happiness.
She believes that the goal of life is not to reach some plane of happiness, but create an environment where everyone is safe to pursue happiness in every moment.

Source: Upworthy