Fox News Host Says We Shouldn’t Care About Border Separation Because “These Aren’t Our Kids”


In a segment of Fox and Friends, Fox News host Brian Kilmeade defended white nationalism and Trump’s family separation policy by claiming that “those aren’t our kids, and it’s not like Trump was doing this to the people of Idaho or Texas”.

Yes, really.

He spoke on the show that it wasn’t President Trump’s idea to have everyone leave from Central and South America in June last year and well up at the border, and someone had to deal with the issue.

He also noted that Trump was trying to send a message to the other countries that there are laws and rules in this country, and even if we bolster the laws about the port of entry, we can’t just let everybody in that wants to be here.

He said that, like it or not, these aren’t our kids, and we can show compassion if we like, but it’s not like Trump was doing it to the people of Idaho or Texas.

They are still people from another country, he noted, and there were many people saying that they are more important than people in our country who pay their taxes.

Many people immediately condemned the comments, and he was called out by people who said that trying to justify putting kids in concentration camps because it isn’t happening to “our kids” is ignorant, stupid, and wrong!

He offered a non-apology in an attempt to control what he did on Twitter.