Female Goalkeeper Debunks Claims After Accused Of Being A Man


Iran women’s soccer team’s goalkeeper Zohreh Koudeaei has been accused by the Jordan Football Association of being a man after she saved two penalties against their team.
She has since denied the claims and vowed to take legal action.

The Jordanian FA demanded ‘a gender verification check’ from the Asian Football Confederation after the two teams clashed back in September.

The 32-year-old Koudaei saved two penalties in the 4-2 victory against Jordan. Koudai has since told Turkish news outlet Hurriyet that she’s a woman, and this is bullying from Jordan, so she’ll file a lawsuit.

A spokesperson for the Asian Football Confederation has since refused to confirm whether they’re investigating the request.

“The AFC does not comment on ongoing investigations and/or proceedings, whether actual or potential.” – the statement read.

Maram Irandoost, Iran’s boss, has since dismissed the allegations and said that the medical staff have carefully examined each player on the national team in terms of hormones to avoid any problems.

She added that the allegations are just an excuse not to accept the defeat against the Iranian women’s national team, especially as the Jordanian team considered themselves the ‘big favorite’ to qualify for the upcoming Women’s Asia Cup.

Source: The Sun