Girl Scout Bravely Puts A Man In His Place For Speaking Grossly To Girls


Over two years ago Eli McCann shared a very powerful story that still resonates today. What happened was so interesting and inspiring at the same time, that people who witnessed to whole thing raised their hands in the air and started shouting, Yes! That’s How It’s Done!

“A man started walking toward the Girl Scouts cookie stand in front of the grocery store and he yelled ‘My bi**hes are BACK’ and this Girl Scout just yelled ‘No. Walk away.’ AND HE DID.” – McCann wrote on Twitter.

He was taken by surprise, because that was the last thing he expected anyone to say. He even tried to say something, but was lost for words. It’s unclear what was the real reason for this man to call the Girl Scouts bi**es and needless to say it was a terrible, terrible thing to do.

What was even more unexpected is the immediate response from the girls that basically floored everyone.

“This dude completely froze. He just stopped walking. His face went bright red. His mouth was sort of gaping open. He did this very awkward and stilted nod, almost apologetic, abruptly turned around, and shuffled back to his car at like 6-minute-mile pace. The girl just death stared

him all the way through his walk of shame.”

Things got even better when McCann approached the girls to compliment them of how they’ve handled the situation only to receive another mind-blowing line:

You gotta be pretty tough if you’re gonna go out in THIS outfit.‘”

It’s so impressive that this little girl stayed calm and collected and shut down this man so fast that he didn’t know what happened.

This story is one of the best examples of what happens when someone teaches young girls their true worth! I LOVE IT!