Girl Sends Brilliant Response To Guy Who Asks For Nudes


STUDENT came up with a brilliant response to a man’s demands for her to send him naked pics, by texting back saying “error message not received”.

Rhiannon Simpson, from Wigan, was approached by the stranger on Instagram who made the requests.

“This man on my Instagram kept messaging me and started off by saying I have a nice body and he’d like to see more and I declined and then he asked if I’d do it if he paid me and I declined again, which is when he started asking the bra question and it started to annoy me so I gave the response which has now gone viral.

After he realised I’d published it online he started to claim he’d got a lawyer and was going to send me to court for slander and then within a sheer ten minutes he’d told me he’d obtained a restraining order against me and all my followers, so it was clearly fake.

I have now blocked him.”

“I knew it wasn’t real anyway and I didn’t it expect it to get this big!

Ive had a lot of people slating me for saying “y’all” but at the end of the day it’s my Twitter and I can say what I want, how I want.

I’ve had much more positive reactions than negative though. My boyfriend just laughed and couldn’t believe it got this big.

Ive had people message me like this before so he’s used to it, we just laugh about it.”