This Girl Was Turned Away From Her Prom for Wearing a Tuxedo


Aniya Wolf, who was kicked out of her high school prom for showing up in a tuxedo rather than a dress.

Never mind it was the attire that Wolf, who identifies as a lesbian cisgender woman, has always felt more comfortable in. At the last-minute (perhaps deliberately so), the school changed their dress code for the event in an email that was sent out prior to prom which required girls to wear dresses–prompting Wolf’s mom to take action.

“I told them that I had read the dress code that was given to the students and I didn’t think that it precluded her from wearing a suit. I said that this was very unfair, particularly at the last minute,” Carolyn Wolf said in an interview with ABC27. So Aniya decided to go anyway, in the suit that she had picked out with her mom–and was barred from prom before she even walked in the door. According to Wolf, she said a school official grabbed her arm and told her she would call the police, so she left.

Following her story about the gender policing administrators going viral, Brandon Carter, the principal at William Penn High School, reached out to invite Wolf to his school’s prom, saying that their school “embrace[s] all.”

Wolf thanked William Penn High for the invite over Twitter.

Other attendees posted pictures of the event as well, showing that Wolf got the prom that every teen dreams of and William Penn High School got the PR coverage of a public school system’s dreams, a win-win for everyone but the Bishop McDevitt faculty.


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