Girl Who Received Hateful Comments About Her Appearance Passed Away Aged 10


The 10-year-old Sophia Weaver whose severe disfigurement made her a target of hateful comments of people on social media has, sadly, lost her life.

The girl, who was born with face, foot, and hand disfigurement, lost her life on Thursday after she got sick “really quickly” earlier in the week.

Natalie, her mom and a vocal disability rights advocate wrote on Twitter that their sweet Sophia left this earth as she spent every day of her life: surrounded by love & adoration.


She noted that once they pull themselves from the shattering pain, they will continue to help others in her memory.

Besides the deformities, Sophia also suffered from Type 1 diabetes and Rett syndrome – a rare neurological disorder.


The little girl was only able to communicate through her eyes, and she required care 24/7.
The world heard about her when her mother, who has two other kids, decided to be more outspoken about her due to a policy change by US health care provider Medicare.
However, Natalie’s openness about Sophia’s condition started attracting trolls on the Internet.

People by the likes of former US President Barack Obama have praised Natalie’s efforts to improve access to health insurance to US citizens, and the mother has also urged people to donate to the website in order to help other children with disabilities and chronic illnesses.