Girlfriend Shames Boyfriend’s “Ugly Grandmother Engagement Ring”, And People’s Opinions Are Divided


There’s a trend on the internet called “ring-shaming” where people share the stories of their “ugly engagement rings”, but most of these stories end up with mocking the woman who dislikes the ring for being selfish and arrogant. I mean, in most of these cases there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the ring, and the problem is the person who dislikes it. However, this story might be a bit different.

One young woman decided to share the story of how her boyfriend gave her a “Granny ring” when he proposed to her, and she didn’t know if it was a real one or it was just a joke.

The story was shared by Redditor u/Mortadelllla, and you can check it out for yourself below:


I believe we can all agree that it’s pretty classless for her to turn to Facebook to vent about how ugly her engagement ring is. However, her story has gone viral, so the dude will probably recognize the ring his fiance “shamed” in front of millions of people.

The responses to the post varied, though. Even though some people were still on the same boat that “she didn’t deserve someone willing to marry her”, others recognized that the ring is just super-ugly. However, what most people could agree on is that the internet is NOT the place to vent about how ugly your engagement ring is.