GOP Lawmaker Who Likes Calling Women “Sl*ts” Loses Race To a Lesbian Woman


Republican Rep. Jason Lewis of Minnesota made headlines this summer when it was revealed that he made bigoted remarks about women on a radio show before he took office.

On a syndicated show he hosted in 2012, Lewis spoke up in defense of Rush Limbaugh, who had been criticized for calling a Georgetown student “a sl*t” for petitioning the school to pay for her birth control. Lewis wondered why it was no longer acceptable to use the word to refer to women.

On Tuesday, Lewis was among a large group of Republican men who were defeated by female Democratic challengers. When it convenes next year, the new Congress will have more than 100 women in its ranks for the first time in history. Democrat Angie Craig won her bid to unseat Lewis in the suburban district south of Minneapolis by about 5 points.