Grandma Who Accidentally Texted a Teen And Invited Him To Thanksgiving Reunites With Him Again


Remember the story about the ‘complete stranger’ and the grandma that mistakenly got in touch for Thanksgiving 2016?

The story began in 2016, when grandma Wanda accidentally invited Jamal to her Thanksgiving dinner. The duo became famous on the internet for celebrating Thanksgiving 2016, and the next four years, together.

Although Wanda didn’t realize at first that she had texted a wrong number, she gladly accepted Jamal to be a part of her Thanksgiving dinner. Jamal has been a part od Wanda’s Thanksgiving dinners ever since.

That’s how Jamal became a regular guest at Wanda’s family Thanksgiving dinner. They would reunite every year and share the happy moments on social media.

Unfortunately, Wanda and her husband Lonnie were diagnosed with Covid-19 during the coronavirus pandemic.

Just a week later, Jamal shared the sad news that Lonnie had passed due to Covid-19 complications.

Sadly, Wanda and Jamal had to celebrate without Lonnie this year. The two were reunited again, for the fifth time, and even placed a photo of Lonnie on the dinner table.

This is how people reacted to the sad story: