Grandpa Updates Family Photo With Grandson’s Post-Transition Picture


Nicolás Cazorla Fernández is a TikToker who recently went viral after he shared the sweet moment he had with his grandpa. Namely, the grandfather updated his family photos to feature his grandson’s post-transition photo, and it warmed the hearts of many.
Nicolas shared that his grandpa asked for his new photo to swap out a framed pre-transition photo of the grandson’s graduation cap. The video has since been viewed more than 1.2 million times, and it shows the 20-year-old’s grandad grinning as he switched the photo with the new one.

@nicolascazorlaaa he is the only one who has never messed up ♥️ #ftm #trans #topsurgery #hethey #🏳️‍⚧️ #transandproud ♬ Entre Dos Aguas – Remastered 2014 – Paco de Lucía

Nicolas attends college in Charleston, South Carolina, and he was visiting his family in Spain when his grandpa asked him for a new photo to update the old one.

The text overlay at the end of the video reads ‘Grandpa of the year award’, and many praised Nicolas’ grandfather for his gesture. Nicolas also confirmed that his grandpa is the only one who has never messed up.


The student told Newsweek that he started sharing his transition on TikTok after he realized that a lot of people in the trans community want to see more about what gender affirmation surgery entails.

“A lot of older people tend to use their age and generation they grew up in as an excuse to be transphobic and dead name others. I wanted to show my generation that while the norm is that older people are unsupportive, we need to give them a chance to teach and educate them as well… I believe that schools need to not only use gender-neutral language in the classroom but teach kids that being trans isn’t a choice. That trans youth is real and t hey need gender-affirming help. I hope to continue to use my platform to ensure kids that they are being seen.” – he told The Independent.

Source: Upworthy