Groom Went Into Tears After Being Told He’s Too Big To Buy a Wedding Suit


Sexism is not exclusive to any one particular community.

As with every other part of society, shaming people for their weight is very present in the LGBT community too. Even though one would hope to find a bit of relief when you step outside the boundaries of gay men, it’s not the case, and Samuel Hatton is a Texas man that felt it first hand.

Namely, the man was not afforded equal opportunities with his fiance, and he was reduced to tears when he was told that he was outside the system’s ability to be fit for an Indochino suit.

Sam decided to take it to Facebook to share his story, where it received more than 11k shares, almost 30k reactions, and an outpouring amoun of support!


He explained in his post that he was very excited to get married to his soon-to-be-husband Jake, and started looking for places for them to buy suits. However, not everything turned as they expected, and we invite you to check out the post for yourself below.

Sam was contacted by the tailor at the end of the day and was told that he could get a custom suit that cost nearly 3 times what his fiance paid.
So, as he put it, there wasn’t just an emotional premium for being overweight, but there was also a $1,000 fee.

This is how people reacted to the story:

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