Guy Argues That “Social Justice Warriors” Can’t Prove Global Warming Is Real, Gets Destroyed By Facts


Over 4 million marched on the streets in climate strikes across the world on September 20th, and they demand leaders of countries, governments, and giant corporations to recognize the problem and fight against climate change.

A large portion of the general public turned a blind eye to the severe threats posed by climate change as recently as twenty years ago, and most leaders in power conveniently ignored the science.

However, as climate change fuels migration and the Amazon rainforest burns, millions of people have joined the fight to call out governments and demand systematic change (while also making personal changes) in order to fight for our future.

Still, even though there is more than enough evidence for a growing crisis, there are still deniers, and some of them are leaders of the most powerful countries in the world, including Donald Trump. Some of these people spend their time trolling “social justice warriors” on Twitter about their inability to explain climate science, and one of those people was columnist Lorrie Goldstein. However, his post quickly backfired, especially when writer and producer Karen Geier chimed in with a series of well laid out facts proving that climate change is very real.

Other people jumped on the thread as well to point out the fact that many of us can’t describe the science of everyday objects we use, but that doesn’t negate the reality.