Guy Kicked Woman Out Of Party For Checking If He Had Put Something In Her Drink


Men often don’t understand what woman feel every day about their own safety while doing many seemingly innocent activities, like walking alone, jogging around the park, etc.
One guy managed to prove this in his own post on Reddit’s “AITA” subreddit, in which he turned out to absolutely be the a-hole.

The guy shared that he hosted a party for his co-workers in his home, but he got mad and kicked out a woman out of the party for “insinuating” that he may have put something in her drink.

Any woman will tell you that we have a million reasons to not accept a drink from a man we don’t know, and this was pointed out to the guy in the comments. So, for him to take it personally and kick out the woman for it makes him absolutely the a-hole in this situation. However, we will let you decide for yourself after you check out the story below.

Even though there were some people that said they would have done things a bit differently, most of the comments said that he was in the wrong here and he should have acted very differently.