Guy Posts Strict List On “How To Keep A Man In 6 Steps”, Gets Shredded To Pieces


Ladies, brace yourselves because it’s time for you to learn how to cook, do your nails, hair, makeup and look feminine, be debt-free, and most importantly, not be a single mom!

If you don’t happen to comply with all of these demands, a douchebag called Richard Cooper will lose interest in you.

As it turns out, self-proclaimed entrepreneur and investor Richard Cooper has a very strict list on “how to keep a man in 6 simple steps”, and he decided to share it on Twitter (even though literally no one asked for it).

Check out his utterly sexist list below:

This list is so outdated I had to check my calendar to see if I’m actually living in 1950.
Luckily, Twitter was having none of it, and Twitter people made sure to put this guy at his place.

People of all genders were quick to shred Richard Cooper and his incredible sexist tweet to pieces, and some of the responses are the reason why I still have faith in humanity: