Guy Wonders If He Was Wrong For Calling Out Girl’s STD On Facebook After One Night Together


Many people spend their college years discovering themselves, and even though some of the more fortunate ones manage to spend their college years without any hiccups, most people do some really dumb mistakes while in college.

A guy recently shared a story on Reddit’s AITA forum in which many mistakes were made, including by the OP himself.

You see, this guy shared that he slept with a girl after a party, and he found out the next day that she has an STI by a friend. However, he decided to publicly share that information on the university’s Facebook page, and now he faces “severe” backlash.

Check out the story for yourself below first, and feel free to decide who was in the wrong here.

Most people on Reddit said that both parties in the situation were in the wrong. The girl was in the wrong for not informing the guy that she has an STI, and he was in the wrong for obvious reasons.
What do you think about this? Would you call out a guy if he slept with you, had an STI, and did not inform you about it?