Guy’s Social Experiment Shows How Girls Respond To Creepy Hot Guys, And It Goes Horribly Right


Even though we would like to believe that people judge other people based on their personal virtues, and not superficial things like beauty, social status, and wealth, the truth is that we live in the age of the internet, and it’s much easier to notice things like beauty and social status.

Although we can’t control our first feelings, though, we can control our reactions to them, and there are some obvious red flags that one just shouldn’t ignore.

A recent Tinder experiment has proven otherwise, though, and it revealed that many people didn’t have a problem having a possible relationship with a super-chiseled, “super-hot” guy named Chad, despite his past behavior of assaulting his ex-girlfriend and children.


First up was this individual, who had no problem breaking the ice with the “hot guy”. Chad is, of course, a fake profile, used by the people that did the experiment.

Other women matched with him as well, and even though most of them wrote that what he did was bad, they didn’t seem quick to stop conversations with this dude, despite his brusque responses.