Authors: Gracie & Rachel

The morning of Thursday, September 27th, 2018, an eager anticipation woke us up in our Brooklyn loft unusually early. With our hearts racing we tuned into the hearings of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Amidst Dr. Ford’s emotionally brave testimony, Kavanaugh’s flippant denial, and an amalgamation of statements from an assembly of both incredibly compassionate and unbelievably ruthless senators, we made a new song. And it was for her.

Once the hearings were over, we began putting a video together to more fully capture the inspiration behind this song. We wanted to point to women, from a range of walks of life, women who have taken a stance when it wasn’t necessarily easy to do so. Our goal was to highlight the courage it takes to call something out loud and to stand up tall when the odds may not be in our favor.

The women in this piece are just a few among many who inspire us to continue to use our voices and demand to be heard. The conclusory chorus lyric “never look back again” doesn’t imply we shouldn’t look back on the women who have taught us how to lead the way — we most absolutely should — but that we should always move bravely into the future. We hope with our song to thank the women who have empowered us so selflessly and perhaps to inspire those still searching to find their own strengths.