High School Boys Protest School’s Sexist Dress Code By Wearing Crop Tops


A group of high school boys have gained popularity on the internet after the 17-year-old Mason Boudreau – one of the students – took it to TikTok to share a video of their protest against their school’s sexist dress code policy.

So, to protest the dress code, the boys turned up to school in crop tops. They wanted to show how female students are often subjected to disciplinary action because of their clothing choices, and they explained that they decided to stage the protest because they were fed up with the biased dress code enforced in College Heights Secondary School in British Columbia.

So, to expose their school’s sexist bias, Boudreau and fellow boys in his grade gathered in a Snapchat group and agreed to wear crop tops or other ‘scandalous clothing’ to school and see if they would be punished the same way female students were.


Boudreau cut up a t-shirt to make a crop top, while other boys borrowed clothes from their sisters and girlfriends.
The school administration took no action against them on the day of the protest.


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Following the protest, the school administration hasn’t acknowledged the boys’ protest or made changes to the dress code. Boudreau has since said that if it gets bad again, they might possibly do the protest again in the future.

The video of the protest was reshared on TikTok by user Solvej Wren and has since been viewed more than 500k times.

Source: Upworthy