Homeless Single Father-Of-Five Struggles To Find Shelter For His Family


Joseph Cantu is a father of five that says only two things are keeping him stay strong: his faith in God and the hope that his kids won’t remember it.

And by “it”, he means the housing struggles he and his family are facing.

The homeless man told Fox32Chicago that he never thought this would happen to himself, but what bothers him the most is that his kids have to endure it as well. Luckily, he adds, they’re small enough that they probably won’t remember it.

Cantu became homeless after his wife left him and their children, and they had to move out of their home last month. The father has since orchestrated a hodge-podge of temporary solutions in order to accommodate sleeping arrangements.

Cantu said that there have been several nights where they stayed inside the van. They just pull inside a rest area in order to sleep the night. He adds that other nights there are some people who will donate money so Cantu and his kids can sleep in a motel room.
The chain of bad things doesn’t stop there for Cantu, though. The father lost his job because someone had to watch his kids.

Cantu now gets questions from his kids, wondering when they can go home. Home, however, has become a difficult idea for the family, and even though the natural placeholder solution for the family would be a shelter, there’s another problem.

The father said that, unfortunately, there are not many shelters for men with children in southeast Michigan.

Even though he has since managed to find a path to child care, his situation won’t get any better until he finds a stable place of employment.

He added that he’s a professional polisher with the auto body industry, so hopefully, he will find a stable job.